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Twitter staffer mocked Elon Musk and Asperger’s, gets confronted in public and runs to hide in comedy club

James O’Keefe from the awesome Project Veritas’ gets a Twitter executive named Alex Martinez to dodge questions and try hiding in a comedy club. Martinez allegedly mocked Elon Musk, suggesting he has a mental handicap or Asperger’s Syndrome

WATCH the video from Project Veritas on YouTube:

Here’s part of the conversation they had, transcribed by TweakTown:

O’Keefe: “Hi Alex… I’m James O’Keefe at Project Veritas”

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Martinez: “Oh my God”.

O’Keefe: “You are on hidden camera”.

Martinez: “Okay”.
O’Keefe: “talking about Elon Musk”.

(Martinez laughs)

O’Keefe: “Why is it funny?”

Martinez: “Well, no. I’m just like, you’re literally just trying to like, capture me in the middle of my own dinner?”

O’Keefe: “Yes, quote you’re special needs, you’re literally special needs, I don’t even take what you’re saying seriously because you’re special needs”.

Martinez: “That’s not true. That’s not true”.

(video cuts back to where Martinez does indeed say those words)

(video then cuts to Martinez + O’Keefe outside the restaurant, where Martinez is speaking to staff)

Martinez: “I’m getting harassed by people that are putting me on camera”.

O’Keefe: “We’re journalists, and I know that you don’t believe in the First Amendment”.

Martinez: “Excuse me, I’m gonna just finish my dinner, so…”.

O’Keefe: “your dinner is over there…”.

Kolenic: “I love Elon Musk”.

(O’Keefe spots Martinez sitting inside avoiding the Project Veritas crew, and walks back inside)

Martinez: “Yeah, thank you. I mean seriously, are you guys coming inside to try and harass me?”

(Martinez then speed walks out of Bettola, and starts sprinting away from the Project Veritas crew)

O’Keefe: “Why are you running…”.

O’Keefe: “you’re literally disclosing an email… it says… here’s the email, I can read it…”

Martinez: “There’s no email”

O’Keefe: (reads from email) “Groups like Veritas are active right now”.

Martinez (still running): “Please leave me alone”

O’Keefe: “Sir, what is is Elon Musk gonna do when he sees this”

Martinez: “I don’t know”.

At this point, Martinez darts into the comedy club, O’Keefe gets asked to be on stage, and hilariously goes on stage with a video of Martinez mocking Elon Musk’s syndrome. Then Martinez leaves the club and O’Keefe follows him.

Martinez: “I don’t — literally I refuse to talk to you”.

O’Keefe: “Well, you have already talked to us, Sir”.

O’Keefe: “You are mocking Elon Musk’s Asperger’s condition”.

O’Keefe: “What is Twitter ideology?”

Martinez finds his way to an NYC cab and leaves the area.

Amid all of the controversy with Twitter and pending purchase, billionaire Elon Musk announced he will vote Republican next.

Elon Musk also suggested that Jeffrey Epstein’s client list should be exposed and people on it should ‘go down’ – meaning prosecution by the law.