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Two Judges Recuse Themselves Over Indiana Abortion Lawsuit, Here’s What Happened Next

Back in the last part of August, abortion providers, desperate to protect the right to slaughter the pre-born in their mothers’ wombs, filed a lawsuit that challenged the new ban on the vile practice in the state of Indiana. Two judges actually recused themselves from the case before Special Judge Kelsey Hanlon finally agreed to take it on herself, ABC News stated in a report on Friday.

It is appalling how hard the left will work to preserve the “right” to murder children when they are the most vulnerable. It’s a denial of the basic right to life that these little human beings are to be granted, whether mom or dad like the idea or not. God will no doubt judge a society that murders its own kids. Maybe He already is?

Here’s more according to TheBlaze:

Indiana lawmakers voted in August to ban abortion in the state with limited exceptions. Starting September 15, abortion procedures will only be legally permitted in rape, incest, or medical emergency cases within the first 10 weeks.

Abortion providers performing the procedure outside those exceptions will have their licenses revoked and could be jailed for one to six years and fined a maximum of $10,000.

According to the Department of Health’s annual report, over 8,000 abortions were performed in Indiana in 2021. Approximately 68% of the pregnancies were terminated at eight weeks or earlier.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Indiana was the first state to pass new legislation banning abortion.

The lawsuit, which is trying to block the new ban in the state, was filed, of course, by Planned Parenthood, the organization that was founded by racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, in partnership with the Lawyering Project, the ACLU of Indiana, and WilmerHale, on behalf of abortion providers, which also includes Women’s Med Group Professional Corp, and All-Options.

It was filed against the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana along with county prosecutors.

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“The plaintiffs in the case have requested a preliminary injunction to prevent the new law from going into effect until the lawsuit is completed. The lawsuit alleges the state violated Indiana’s guarantee of equal privileges and immunities. Additionally, the plaintiffs say the law of includes vague language, which the lawsuit alleged violates the state constitution’s due course of law clause,” TheBlaze reported.

“From its very inception, the Indiana Constitution has protected the right to privacy. Implicit in this right is the right for a woman to make medical decisions regarding her own reproductive health,” said Ken Falk, who is currently serving as the legal director of ACLU of Indiana.

Judge Holly Harvey of the Monroe Circuit Court was originally assigned to hear the case. She then recused herself but offered no comment about why she chose to take that course of action. Seems a bit fishy, doesn’t it?

Then, just last week, Judge Geoffrey Bradley recused himself from the case, also providing no comment as to the reason for his choice.

Finally, Special Judge Kelsey Hanlon agreed to take the case. The first telephone hearing was scheduled for Monday.