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(VIDEO) Pelosi Lands In Taiwan as Chinese Send Tanks to Beaches and Fighter Jets Over Border After Warning US Will ‘Pay the Price’

Nancy Pelosi has touched down in Taiwan today despite harsh warnings from the Chinese government that the US will “come to no good end” if it pays any diplomatic visits to the island.

Air Force One touched down at around 10:45pm local time Tuesday evening.

The show of defiance by the US has riled the Chinese authorities who last week gave some startling threats about shooting Pelosi’s plane down if she attempted the visit.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan reiterated the warning on Monday. He said, “there will be serious consequences if she insists on making the visit”.

“We are fully prepared for any eventuality,” he continued.

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“The People’s Liberation Army [PLA] will never sit by idly. China will take strong and resolute measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Now, the communist nation which took control over Taiwan after the end of World War II in 1945. Although the island nation has its own small military and democratically elected politicians, its legal status where China is concerned remains unclear and rocky.

In recent years, China has been re-asserting its ownership over the island. Last year it implemented a national security law in Hong Kong which made it easier for Beijing to prosecute protesters or ‘’collude with foreign forces”.

Chinese authorities therefore see any recognition of Taiwan as an independent nation by the US as a threat against its dynasty.

Shocking footage posted on social media has shown Chinese tanks on the coast of Fujian along the Taiwan strait. Other videos show military equipment and presence in the city of Xiamen.

Earlier today, president Xi Jinping gave another stark warning to Biden, reiterating that it would “pay the price” if Pelosi “plays with fire” and that American interference in Taiwan will “come to no good end”.

Pelosi was treated to a warm welcome by officials in Taiwan as her plane landed earlier today. The tallest building on the island, TAIPEI 101 was illuminated with a message of welcome to the speaker.

But many have branded her move reckless and say it will only result in rising tensions between Taiwan and China.

According to the Financial Times, several Chinese fighter jets have been flying close to the Taiwan Strait today and the Taiwanese government also said it had suffered a major cyber security attack.

As Russia becomes closer allies with China following its exile by the West, the US, thanks to Pelosi, could be on the brink of provoking the two military superpowers to initiate a united attack against America.

Everything about this tour and the possible visit to Taiwan is purely provocative,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Reuters reported.

Rather ominously, the Ostankino television tower in Moscow was lit up with a message reading “China, we are with you!”

Pelosi is set to meet with Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday. But according to experts, her short, diplomatic display of support could have long-term consequences for Taiwan:

“Large-scale Chinese exercises around Taiwan after Pelosi leaves are the very least we should expect,” said Hsu yen-chi, a researcher at the Council on Strategic and Wargaming Studies in Taipei.

Meanwhile, Chinese ambassador to the UN, Zhang Jun said the visit was “dangerous” and “provocative”.