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Wall Street Journal Comes Heavily For Biden Over Destructive Policies

The Wall Street Journal editorial board has slammed the President and his party members for pushing for disastrous policies to accomplish their green energy agenda.

Wall Street Journal released a piece on Monday condemning the Biden administration for its insensitive push toward green energy despite China still burning fossil fuels.

The Biden administration has concentrated efforts to rapidly shift towards green energy and renewable power, moving further away from fossil fuels. In addition, the Biden administration revived the treaty between the United States and Paris. This treaty is a climate agreement signed in 2015 that pushes worldwide emissions to be 50% lesser by 2030.

The Wall Street Journal noted that China had increased its emissions by 11% from the climate treaty last year. Moreover, China has started moving toward creating coal plants with a capacity of about 100 gigawatts. If built, this plant will have enough energy to power over 70 million homes in China. 

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On the other hand, the Biden administration has slowed down America’s federal oil leases and is doing away with anything related to fossil fuels, gas, and coal. The Biden administration has also cut the United States emissions by 6%.

The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal asserted that the difference between the actions of both governments is clear. The board wrote. “The reason for China’s coal boom is obvious. The Communist Party’s priority is economic growth, higher living standards, and becoming the world’s leading power. Carbon emissions are an afterthought, and promises of future reductions are the compliment Chinese vice pays to Western virtue signalers.”

The editorial board did not forget to mention John Kerry, the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate of the United States. Kelly has relentlessly tried to convince the Chinese government to reduce its emissions and follow in the ridiculous steps of the Biden administration. 

Reports from the Washington Free Beacon discovered that the special envoy produced almost ten million pounds of carbon in about a year. This amount is about 300 times more than a typical American’s carbon footprint.

Moving on, Kerry’s effort to convince the Chinese government to reduce its emission was a failure. The Chinese President said he did not want to live in another reality like the Biden administration and chose to see the facts as they presented themselves. 

The spokesperson said, “We can’t toss away what’s feeding us now while what will feed us next is still not in our pocket.”

The Biden administration is utterly oblivious that its efforts to reduce emissions are in vain as several other nations other than China keep increasing their emissions. Regardless, Biden continuously pours billions into ridiculous climate initiatives for renewable energy. 

The editorial board further asserted, “While the Biden administration does all it can to restrict U.S. fossil fuels, no matter the economic harm, Beijing is charging ahead with coal imports, coal mining and coal power to become the world’s leading economy. They must marvel at their good fortune in having rivals who are so self-destructive.”