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WATCH: DeSantis Declares WEF Policies are “Dead on Arrival” in Florida

Speaking during a recent event, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sounded off on the globalists and their organizations, particularly the Davos crowd and the World Economic Forum. In his words:

I want to have the values not of Davos imposed on us but in places like Destin and Dunedin where I grew up things like the World Economic Forum those policies are dead on arrival in the state of Florida we are not going to go down that road

Watch him here:

Many people on Twitter who saw that post of DeSantis loved it. Here are some of the top comments:

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“I really hope he runs for president. He is the type of person with a narrative that we so desperately need.”

“How anyone can dislike him is beyond me. They obviously aren’t paying attn to this, or anything else he’s said or done over the past 2-3 yrs.

He’s one of the few who still regard personal choice & freedom as necessities for Americans – 2 things that are dying at rapid pace.”

“My only concern with DeSantis is that he just seems a little bit too good to be true!”

“I’d vote for him! He has been brilliant all through this past 3 years! I just wish we had someone solid like him here in the UK!”

Predictably, however, the DeSantis-hating libs were out in force too, saying things like:

“The world will look back on early clips of DeSantis like they do early clips of Hitler”

“Didn’t believe in Covid and over 70K Floridians died. Now DeathSantis is effectively saying he doesn’t believe in climate change or in bringing people together. This is short-sighted by a zealous, wanna be dictator.”

Other accounts chimed in to note that DeSantis’ opposition to the WEF might not be as strong as he likes to portray it. One account, for example, said “DeSantis PR person, Christina Pushaw, worked for WEF Member Mikheil Sakaashvil. If he is hiring folks tied to WEF…he is OK with WEF“.

Another pointed out that DeSantis supports the smart city concept:

Responding to that line of criticism of DeSantis, another account argued that some enemies of the WEF are painted as its allies to undermine faith in them, saying:

First of all, not every politician with a fleeting tie to the WEF is “working for the WEF”.

Second, Tulsi Gabbard was photoshopped into all kinds of WEF pictures- she’d never had a thing to do with them.

They do that to undermine trust in enemies of the WEF… be skeptical

So, whatever the connections of Pushaw or policies that he supports, DeSantis is taking an anti-WEF stance right now. At the very least, that’s a step in the right direction.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List