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(WATCH) ‘If America Falls, We Fall!’ Nigel Farage Urges US to Remove Pelosi at CPAC Conference

British Brexit Party leader and Donald Trump supporter, Nigel Farage gave a grave warning to American citizens last night as he urged for the removal of Pelosi and for Americans to save the Western world.

During his speech at the packed Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas on Saturday, the former leader of the UK Independence Party took to the stage to say that “If America falls, we fall” and warned that if American citizens did not defend traditional values and culture, the Western world would cease to exist as we know it.

Farage, who rose to notoriety in Britain for his plain-speaking and willingness to stand up for the beliefs and concerns of everyday British people, including his unapologetic condemnation of uncontrolled mass immigration, received a standing ovation from a rapturous audience at the event as he lauded American conservatives for “standing up for the free world”.  

“When conservative policies stop being conservative, guess what happens? They lose. They lose elections. And that I think is where the opportunity is here in America because be clear about one thing to save Western civilization,” said Farage.

“This is the battleground because if America falls, we all fall,” he continued.

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“But I know I know I’m talking to perhaps the most important group of people that have ever assembled in one room.

“Because you are the foot soldiers, that you are the foot soldiers in this battle on behalf not just of America, but on behalf of the whole of the free world to save everything our forebears built, designed and defended against the world.”

His comments come as America, as is the case with most of the free West, is struggling with ever-increasing and damaging radical left-wing agendas, with many left-wing activist groups in other nations being spurred on by happenings States-side – from Black Lives Matter riots to the transgender agenda.

“The responsibility is yours. Are you ready for that responsibility? Are you gonna go out and fight and win?,” encouraged Farage.

“Good because we can do it. We can do it.”

Speaking at the same conference, Trump launched a scathing attack on House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi who, quite amazingly, single-handedly upset the delicate status-quo between Taiwan and China after her visit to Taipei last week.

Pelosi defied China’s warnings and paid a diplomatic visit to the Taiwanese government. Her ego-fuelled visit resulted in days of Chinese military drills off the Taiwan Strait – which were extended today and the severance of communication between China and the US on a variety of political issues.

Trump blasted Pelosi’s insensitive actions and questioned why she remains in office while he was impeached twice for far less:

“What was she doing in Taiwan? Everything she touches turns to…bad! I don’t want to say.

“I get impeached twice, she failed twice. The woman brings chaos, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

“What’s happened in China right now what’s happening in China and Taiwan with what’s going on, she played right into their hands, because now they have an excuse to do whatever they’re doing.

“I will tell you would have never ever happened in a million years under Trump.”