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WATCH: Kari Lake Gears Up For Battle, Says She’s Still in The Fight After Controversial Election In AZ

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has come out and responded to the determination that her Democratic Party opponent Katie Hobbs is the winner of the race after a very controversial election last week, stating that she is still in this fight and is determined to press forward and do something about the horrendous election system in the state in order to ensure that every single American voter who lives there has their voice heard.

Lake made her comments in a video that was posted to her official Twitter account:

Not long after the determination that Hobbs would be the winner of the race was made, Lake tweeted that “Arizonans know BS when they see it.”

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One of the reasons it seems strange that Hobbs won this election is due to how badly her campaign fared during election season.

The Daily Wire reported, “Hobbs’ campaign suffered from its candidate’s refusal to meet Lake in a one-on-one debate. Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state, claimed that debating Lake, who she branded a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ would only ‘lead to constant interruptions, pointless distractions, and childish name-calling.’ She said such an event would not be useful to Arizona voters. But even the media, which sparred frequently with Lake, questioned the strategy.”

“If Katie Hobbs loses, remember Oct. 12 – the day she ran away from confronting Kari Lake,” Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts stated. “Democrats in Arizona are known for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but Hobbs’ refusal to debate her opponent on Wednesday represents a new level of political malpractice.”

Rather than take on Lake head-to-head in a real debate, Hobbs attempted to have the state’s election commission put on a “town hall-style” event where both candidates would be interviewed for a total of 30 minutes. Lake’s campaign refused the request.

Hobbs then conducted a half hour interview with Arizona PBS in an attempted to get her message out to the citizens of the state.

“Lake, who was backed by former President Donald Trump, won her primary against Karrin Taylor Robson, who was endorsed by sitting Republican Gov. Doug Ducey and former Vice President Mike Pence. Lake, a popular television news anchor for more than two decades, overtook Hobbs in the polls and gained national press for her sometimes combative dealings with the press,” the Daily Wire said.

The report added, “The Republican candidate has expressed skepticism of the security of Arizona elections and has repeated Trump’s claims of a stolen election in 2020. She made election integrity on pillar of her campaign; while another was a comprehensive strategy to curb illegal immigration. Lake ran on a hardline immigration plan that included building a wall on its 378-mile border with Mexico.”

One theory floating around out there is that Lake ended up being a victim of a scam being run by Democrats who meddled in the 2022 primary by helping to boost hardcore MAGA candidates to become the official party nominee because they believed those individuals would be easier for their candidates to beat in the general election.

There was a whole lot of issues going on in Arizona on Election Day. Some individuals waited for three hours or more just to cast a ballot. Many of the tabulation machines in Maricopa County were conveniently malfunctioning, forcing folks to place their ballots in a box to be counted later. But were they? We just don’t know.

This is the sort of thing that Lake talked about in the tweet above. She is determined to oust any sort of tampering that may have occurred not just to win an election, but to protect the voices of the American people.