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WATCH: NBA’s Pro-China Sympathies EXPOSED by Tucker

Discussing the pro-Red China leanings of the NBA with Enes Kanter Freedom, one of the few NBA players willing to speak out about China and its evil acts, Tucker exposed how the NBA will push for political stances at home, letting players use their position as celebrity figures to attack America, but, when it comes to attacking Red China, the NBA crushes such criticism immediately to protect its access to the communist Chinese market.

Watch Tucker discuss that here:

As you can hear in the video, Tucker, introducing Kanter and discussing the NBA’s promotion of the political stances of its players on every issue except pro-China topics, said:

“Enes Kanter Freedom was raised in Turkey, he moved to the U.S. as a teenager and then became an NBA player.

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“Then he began openly criticizing the Chinese government. He wore shoes that said ‘Free Tibet,’ which China occupies, and he wore them on the court. Normally the NBA encourages political messages. They even wrote BLM on the court. But criticizing China is absolutely unacceptable to the sleazeballs who run the NBA.”

Tucker then played recordings of the lawyer for the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) talking to Freedom about “Free Tibet” shoes Freedom wore. In the recording, that lawyer said:

I got off the phone with the general counsel of the NBA and he wants to now have a conversation about, their concern right now is not so much what you are saying off the court, but what it is you are saying on the court when you step onto the court.

Also included was a recording of the Bucks’ owner talking to Kanter and discussing why China’s hardline approach to criticism meant that he couldn’t criticize the communist country.

Kanter, commenting on the recordings of the NBA “sleazeballs” and discussing how those recordings show that the NBA is far more interesting in making money than promoting actual justice, said

Well, the recording said something different. You know, it’s just sad to see how these people still can lie to the American people. How can they bow down to these dictatorships?

“They will care about social justice until it affects their money and business. You know, NBA pretends to care about social justice in America, but when that affects their business, they are silent.

“And if any player that goes out there says anything about it, they are going to do anything they can to silence you. Listen, I am 30 years old and they are pushing me to retire at the age of 30 and I am not retiring. I’m going to fight until I can get back to that league again and keep exposing them, and that is why I just can’t take this anymore.

Also commenting on what was exposed about the NBA in the video, something he characterized as “corruption”, Kanter said:

The corrupt NBA has finally gotten exposed and this is the evidence of how [a] 100% American made company is run by the Chinese dictatorship. And wake up, America. This is the league that you’ve been supporting and watching. Enough is enough and this is unacceptable. They are mad because finally someone from the inside, I played 11 years in this league, has finally exposed them and I’m saying it again, enough is enough.”

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

Featured image screencap from embedded Tucker Carlson clip