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“What Does This Man Have to Do to Go to Jail?!”: Deranged Leftist Demands Trump Be Locked Up [WATCH]

Elie Mystal, the deranged leftist and MSNBC contributor that is known for making such inane, useless comments as calling the American Constitution “kinda trash” is at it again. This time, however, he’s making a fool of himself by attacking the bad orange man rather than the bad old Constitution.

How so? By doing the now typical leftist shtick and demanding that Trump’s supposed crimes, crimes never enumerated or explained, of course, mean that he needs to be “locked up” by the powers that be. So much for due process, having to be convicted of an actual crime, and the like. perhaps those are just remnants of a past America.

In any case, it’s what Mystal the freaky-haired (what is it with leftists and not just having normal hair?) MSNBC personality demanded Trump’s arrest and saying he should be thrown in jail during a deranged rant. A rant that Mystal, of course, framed as being his “top-level expert, legal analysis”. Well, apparently our “top-level expert[s]” are morons, because Mystal’s rant was as ridiculous as it was devoid of any sober legal judgment or reasonable discussion of the facts.

To begin, he ridiculously asserted that he is surprised that Trump and his team haven’t “started shredding everything,” ignoring the obvious fact that perhaps they didn’t break out the shredders because Trump wasn’t doing anything wrong in the first place. In Mystal’s words:

I mean, I can’t believe they have not already just started shredding everything, right? Like, look, my top-level expert, legal analysis of the affidavit is why [isn’t] this dude in jail? Like, what does this man have to do to go to jail?

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“I think one of the things that has gotten kind of like missed in the media narrative over the last 24 hours is that these 15 boxes that we are focused on, that’s what they already found on the man. … President sticky fingers already stole classified documents — top secret documents.

Or he declassified them and took them home with him, probably with the goal in mind of embarrassing the FBI and Deep State somehow. That’s what Trump argued he did, what his legal team is arguing he did, and what seems reasonable given his personality and the attacks on him. But Mystal the leftist didn’t consider it, of course.

Instead, he went on about how much he thinks Trump needs to be locked up yet again, asking why Trump hasn’t yet been thrown in the brig and saying:

We know about these because that was the probable cause for them to go search for more stuff that he wouldn’t turn over. So, the knock list is what he was willing, after two years, to give back. We had to go raid him to get the stuff he wasn’t willing to give back.

“How is this man free? So, like, that is the top-level question. In terms of their legal defenses, Jason, people need to stop beclowning themselves by defending the president because he has no legal defenses, alright.

Watch Mystal make a fool of himself huffing and puffing about Trump here:

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