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“Where Is All of this Money Going”: Tucker Sounds Off on Brandon’s Profligate Spending on this Hopeless Cause

If the Ukraine wins its war with Russia, maybe it will get all those benefits of being in “the West” as we now know it, particularly in Western Europe. Such things as African migrants and Middle Eastern “refugees” outraging its women as police do nothing, tyrannical governments extracting exorbitant taxes from a populace that receives nothing but misery and socialist services in return, and delusional, woke policies that attack everything the West used to stand for. No wonder Brandon and Co. are so intent on defending it.

Well, “defending” might be a strong word. The team Biden jokers have instead just shipped the Ukrainians boatloads of cash and weapons so that they can continue to bleed while fighting the Russians, who Democrats apparently hate now that they’re no longer communists.

As a result, many of our munition stockpiles have been greatly depleted and billions of taxpayer dollars have been sent to some corrupt Eastern European country in order to prolong a war that can only go one way.

Such is what Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson sounded off on during a recent segment of his show, blasting the Biden Administration for supporting a despotic government with billions upon billions of dollars from American taxpayers. In his words:

“You may have noticed the president of Ukraine, Mr. Zelenskyy, opening the New York Stock Exchange the other day. He has some free time, apparently, enough to do photo shoots for ‘Vogue’ magazine and to meet with Hollywood celebrities like Ben Stiller, so you might think the Ukrainian government does not need any more of your money, especially as our economy is coming apart, because they are not even pretending to be in danger at this point, they’re flying around the world what the cool kids.

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“And they are certainly not defending democracy back home, they have destroyed it. The Ukrainian government has banned the opposition party, is shutting down media outlets that they don’t like. But the Biden Administration loves this. It’s a template for what they would like to do here. So they are demanding that you send more of your money, your diminishing pile of money, to Ukraine.

“Just hours ago, our Defense Secretary speaking at the American airbase in Ramstein, Germany, announced yet another massive military aid package for Ukraine. Not to protect our borders or to save our country, but for Ukraine. This latest chunk is more than $2.6 billion, that would include Howitzers, Humvees, munitions, as well as armored ambulances. This is on top of the more than $13 billion we have already sent to Ukraine this year. Congress has approved another 30 billion. So the question is, business this has no precedent at all, and it is floridly crazy, what is this about? Where is all of this money going?

To Hunter’s friends in Burisma, presumably. Or at least a similar cast of corrupt oligarchs that want to defend their holdings from the Russian oligarchs, even at the cost of rivers of Ukrainian blood.

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