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Where’s Kamala? Hilton asks big question, seems like Joe Biden’s border ‘czar’ is missing in action

Steve Hilton asks where Biden’s border czar, Kamala Harris, is and discusses restoring order to southern border with Ed Calderon, a former Mexico police officer, on ‘The Next Revolution.’

WATCH the video:

This is why there’s a big problem at the border and Hilton has no problem discussing it.

He’s right to suggest vice president Kamala Harris is missing because the southern border of the United States with Mexico is still a disaster that’s gotten worse once Joe Biden took over as president. Many people believe that if Biden had left former President Donald Trump’s work and policies in place, without doing anything at all, that the border might even be better off like that.

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The wall, policies, and more are things that Biden seemed like he wanted to reverse, and look where it’s gotten Americans and the border?

America deserves a strong border that welcomes law abiding immigrants and shuts down criminal activity.

America thrives with immigrants, but is also plagued by people who smuggle drugs, humans, or conduct other criminal acts. It’s those people that America needs protection from while welcoming in those who wish to thrive in America.

So the question still remains to be answered: where exactly is Kamala Harris, the border czar?