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Who Is Nikole Flax, and Why Should We Be Afraid of Her New Role?

As we already know, and what has been highly publicized and memed to death on social media, is that the IRS is arming itself with 87,000 additional Agent Smiths. What had not been made public, however, until this past week, is who would be running this department of stormtroopers, and that person is Nikole Flax. Why does that name sound familiar, and why should those of us who are conservatives be concerned?  

Nikole Flax had worked for Lois Lerner during the Obama Administration and was involved in the IRS’ improper targeting and relentless probing of tea party groups. 

According to the Republican Ways and Means Committee at the time, the IRS had lost emails of a half dozen of its employees involved in the tea party targeting controversy, which included a top aide to the acting IRS commissioner, Steve Miller, who Obama fired in 2014. 

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“It is unfortunate that the IRS experienced equipment failure that resulted in several computers crashing and some email data being lost from Lois Lerner’s hard drive between 2009 and 2011. But every equipment failure is not a conspiracy.” Sander Levin, the top Democrat on Ways and Means at the time, said.

In addition to them having lost two years’ worth of emails sent and received by Lois Lerner, the central figure in the scandal, the IRS couldn’t produce any records from other IRS employees that had been identified in the scandal at the time. This included Nikole Flax. 

Nikole Flax served as Chief of Staff to Steve Miller, fired by Obama after an Inspector General called out the agency for inappropriate scrutiny of tax-exempt applications. Nikole Flax lost over two years of IRS emails, including the improper handling of Tea Party and Conservative applications for tax exemption. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the person who will now spearhead the IRS central office, and we should be concerned. 

The Republican Ways and Means Committee had sought criminal charges against Lois Lerner, who used to run the IRS division in charge of tax-exempt groups. The committee accused Lerner of unfairly targeting the applications of conservative groups and misleading the Treasury inspector general, which was auditing the IRS based on allegations of bias against conservative groups. 

This past week, Nikole Flax was appointed by Biden to head the IRS Centralized office for the 87,000 new agents. She is the perfect pick, if ever there was one, to target and destroy the conservative voter base in the United States, and I don’t think this is not part of her agenda. 

Judicial Watch had submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain Emails that showed Nikole Flax, at the suggestion of Democrat Senator Sheldon Whithouse, authorizing Lois Lerner’s request to meet with Department of Justice officials to explore the possibility of prosecuting these Conservative nonprofit groups for engaging in political activity even after declaring on their application for nonprofit status that they had no plans to do so, nor had they done so previously.  

We are living in very precarious times, and Conservative Americans can soon find themselves again in the crosshairs of a weaponized IRS spearheaded by Nikole Flax.