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Woke California Not So ‘Green’ As State Turns to Natural Gas Amid Energy Crisis

In a move that is both hypocritical and deranged, California, “the poster child of the Green Movement,” has been relying on natural gas-fired power plants to generate the bulk of its electricity while millions experience crushing energy prices as woke politicians continue the push to phase out fossil fuels.

Compounding the energy crisis are record-high temperatures which are putting pressure on the state’s grid operator.  The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) warned consumers that high temperatures cause increased demand that the grid cannot handle, therefore it has issued “flex alerts” and rotating outages. Yet, California Governor Greasy Gavin Newsom refuses to abandon his quest to invest in and rely on renewable energy sources like solar and wind and is holding firm on his promise to phase out gas-powered cars by 2035.

But not everyone is buying into the Green New Deal that has overtaken the Golden State. Daniel Turner, founder and executive director of Power The Future energy group, said that this energy crisis is largely self-inflicted and could have been prevented with better leadership. “This is a man-made energy failure and the blame lies squarely with President Biden, Gov. Newsom and every other proponent of this green failure…California is the poster child of the green movement and the state’s struggling families are paying the price.” 

Turner also pointed out that neither Newsom nor his political, business and celebrity cronies, will suffer from rolling blackouts or higher energy bills, instead the little guy will bear the brunt of the crisis while the elite “unplug from the consequences”: “Make no mistake, the lights will stay on in the governor’s mansion, Silicon Valley and Hollywood, but not in working-class neighborhoods because those who pushed this failure always unplug from the consequences.” He warned that California’s insane energy policies are coming to other states and President Brandon continues to promote them as part of his “greening” of the country. Furthermore, those charged with helping reduce the nation’s carbon footprint continue to add to it, with John Kerry, Sleepy Joe’s climate czar, emitting a whopping 9.5 million pounds of carbon from private travel, much of it unnecessary, during his tenure.

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And the numbers don’t lie. Fox News reports that earlier this week, about 47% of California’s electricity was generated by natural gas while 19% was produced by imports. Just 21% of electricity generated was produced by renewables, including solar and wind power. While power from natural gas has taken over as the lead energy source, it also shows no signs of abating.

CAISO responded by issuing a “level three emergency alert” Tuesday, meaning that controlled power outages would soon follow, and its flex alert would need to be extended. Since demand continues to outpace supply, utilities will be ordered to expand rolling blackouts to bring the grid back to some sort of equilibrium.

Why do Californians put up with this nonsense, especially when the powers-who-be who caused it don’t bear any of the responsibility or consequences?  Voters in the state had an opportunity to recall Greasy Gavin, but the effort ultimately failed, leaving those of us who live outside the state to scratch our heads. While Sleepy Joe and Greasy Gavin continue to tout California as a model for the rest of the country, the “rest of the country” only looks to the once golden state as a warning, and a harbinger of socialist policies that do more harm than good.