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Worse and Worse: Biden’s cognitive abilities heavily criticized

Sean Hannity slams Biden’s imploding presidency and his possible plan to run for re-election in 2024 on ‘Hannity.’


This wasn’t the first time that Sean Hannity criticized President Joe Biden. Back on March 29, the Fox News host said the following:

SEAN HANNITY: Our current president is a walking, talking liability to the country, the world, and its seriousness in these times are extraordinarily dangerous. In case you are keeping track, while in Europe, Joe wrongly suggesting that our U.S. soldiers will soon be on the ground in Ukraine. He forgot the name of this Secretary of Defense yet again, referring to him as the Secretary of State. He spent several hours choking on a spicy piece of pizza. He falsely claimed that soldiers were training Ukrainian forces in Poland. He said that Putin cannot remain in power, his handlers had to clean up and say this is not the position of the administration, then he pretty much said the same thing yesterday. 

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In a monumental effort to right this ship, Biden staffers think they are clever. They are providing the President of the United States with daily cheat sheets featuring one sentence answers to the most simple, the most basic questions about Joe’s own policies. Ask yourself what kind president needs a note card to answer a basic and predictable question?  

I’ll say it, I was right before the election, Joe Biden is not well, he is not competent, he’s so cognitively weak that his own staffers are trying to stop him from going off script, which frankly I agree with. It’s a necessary protection in these perilous times. Almost everything he says is poorly read from a teleprompter or these new note cards, almost all the questions that he has taken by the media mob are preselected by White House staffers and still despite all of this assistance, Joe is struggling worse than ever. 

The past couple of weeks have been really, really bad.