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WOW: Joy Reid, Other Dems Spread Misinformation about Georgia Voting Laws

In a recent segment of her show, “The ReidOut,” MSNBC’s Joy Reid spread some “misinformation,” as lefties like to call it, about Georgia voting laws, a lawsuit filed by Raphael Warnock, and why there won’t be early voting on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.

Speaking on that, she claimed that early voting won’t take place on that Saturday because of a state law celebrating the birthday of General Robert E Lee, saying:

“As the Georgia Senate runoff campaign kicks into high gear, Senator Raphael Warnock announced today that he is filing a lawsuit to allow Georgians to vote early on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.”

“Because of a law Republicans passed in 2016, it is currently illegal in Georgia to have early voting on any day that immediately follows a state holiday. And Friday, November 25th, is technically a state holiday. Celebrating the birthday of none other than Confederate general and literal traitor, Robert E. Lee.

David Axelrod, an advisor for Obama, made much the same claim in a tweet on the subject, saying:

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This really is egregious. Dropping a day of early voting before the Georgia runoff because of a holiday originally meant to honor Robert E. Lee!

Joining in was Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. She posted about the situation on Twitter as well, saying:

Soooo…let me get this right….The holiday, formerly known as Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Birthday, prohibits early voting on a Saturday during the Senate runoff in Georgia? Oh, ok….#Vote

Unsurprisingly, Axelrod, Reid, and Keisha Lance Bottoms were all quite wrong. Such is what Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling pointed out in a tweet that absolutely shredded David Axelrod’s tweet. Sterling, blasting Axelrod and informing people about the truth of the matter, said:

David…the law says no Saturday voting following a Thursday or Friday state holiday. Thanksgiving is the reason for no Saturday voting. Please correct your tweet. It was passed years ago so county workers had their holiday, and the real world problem of getting pollworkers then.

Axelrod’s post was also hit by a fact-check saying “The Saturday is excluded because it falls after Thanksgiving. See this tweet from the COO* of the Georgia SOS” that linked to Sterling’s tweet on the issue.

Similarly, Senator Raphael Warnock’s lawsuit admitted the truth about why voting won’t be taking place on Saturday (Thanksgiving), reading:

“The Secretary of State has nonetheless taken the unsupportable position that, despite the law’s command that counties begin offering advance voting ‘as soon as possible,’ id., counties are barred from opening the polls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.”

So, despite what Reid and the other leftists hacks might be pushing in their narrative on the matter, the truth is that there won’t be early voting on one Saturday because of Thanksgiving, not because of some racist plot to keep black people voting for…Herschel Walker. But at least we got to see Twitter fact-check a leftist. That’s a refreshing change of pace for the social media cesspool.

By: Gen Z Conservative