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WOW: MTG SHREDS Biden in Epic Statement on Oil Reserve Crisis, Oil to China Scandal

Now that our nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve is at the lowest level it has been in decades thanks to Biden’s continual releases of it to try and lower oil prices, do you remember when he announced a massive release from the reserve and the oil was then promptly sold to Red China?

Well, Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene does. And she’s not only furious about the issue still, but has even gone so far as to demand that Biden be impeached for his continual releases from the reserve for non-strategic purposes. Speaking about that on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Channel program, Congresswoman Greene said:

“Our strategic petroleum reserves are not meant to lower gas prices for November elections. They’re meant to be a national security emergency supply for all Americans. But Joe Biden is abusing it. He’s putting our entire country in danger. Because of that we’re not going to have any more oil left. He’s selling it to our enemies in countries all over the world. Joe Biden has to be impeached, and we must do it.

And not only does she mean it, but she means to take action to try and make that impeachment happen. In another statement to Tucker, Congresswoman Greene blasted President Biden for selling America’s oil to Red China and said that she would be starting an article of impeachment as a response to Biden’s feckless use of the Strategic Petroleum reserve, saying:

“I think it’s absolutely outrageous. So do the American people. The one role most important for the president of the United States is to protect our country’s national security. Our strategic petroleum reserves are just that. Our national security, when it comes to oil, the very important resource that we have that fuels our economy, helps us drive our cars, and petroleum also feeds over 6,000 products, things Americans rely on every single day.

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“But Joe Biden has been selling off a million barrels of oil every single day. We’re down to 434 million barrels of oil. America consumes around 19 million barrels of oil a day. We cannot sustain this. It is putting us in danger. By our tracking, he’s sold over 7 million barrels of oil to China.

China. Our number one threat that wants to conquer us, wants to become the number one superpower in the world. Because of that, Tucker, it’s imperative when Republicans take back Congress, we have to hold Joe Biden accountable for this, because he plans to sell more oil out of strategic petroleum reserves. I’m starting an article of impeachment on Monday, because of this outrageous move he continues to make, putting our entire country in danger.”

We’ll see what happens. Given that the GOP doesn’t control the House, it seems unlikely at best. But at least Greene is calling attention to the problem and fighting back, unlike those feckless RINOs that are letting Biden get away with it.

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