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Yikes! Even Woke New York Magazine Abandons Kamala, Claiming Veep Has Reached ‘New Low’

It’s not easy being Veep. And if your name is also Kamala Harris it’s doubly difficult because it is associated with failure after failure, staff members jumping ship, tanking approval numbers, and a cackling, nails-on-a-chalkboard laugh that substitutes for rational dialogue which consistently eludes you.

This reality has not escaped Dem-friendly lefty rag New York Magazine who featured Harris in a scathing report on her lack of success as the heartbeat away from the President. While runaway inflation, a disastrous military pull-out from Afghanistan, dependence on foreign energy sources, a spike in crime across the country, draconian and unconstitutional COVID-19 mandates, a persistent humanitarian crisis at the Southern border, and an attack on parental authority, are firmly placed in President Brandon’s camp, Kamala has had major missteps of her own.

Sleepy Joe charged his V.P. with resolving the southern border crisis, something which Harris barely touched upon when she visited a U.S. Border Patrol station in El Paso rather than the actual border towns experiencing the brunt of the illegal crossings and their consequences. She preceded the El Paso visit with a trip to Central America for an announcement to migrants making their way to the United States, “Don’t come, do not come,” a plea that has been summarily ignored.

Gabriel Debenedetti, the writer of the article, also points to a “relentless opposition” to Brandon’s Administration, and an insecurity within Kamala to settle into a clear role befitting her capabilities:

“Eighteen months in, thanks to a combination of Biden’s age and unpopularity, the lingering pandemic and punishing inflation, a relentless opposition, and — most visibly — her own struggles to communicate a satisfactory role for herself, Harris has reached an unparalleled low point.” 

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As Breitbart reports, multiple staff members of Harris’s office have already quit or are set to depart in the coming weeks. Key officials who are jumping ship include her “chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, communications director, spokeswoman, national security adviser, and speechwriter (twice), and her longest-serving senior aide, domestic-policy adviser,” Debenedetti writes.

Her approval rating numbers are lower than even Sleepy Joe’s, a far cry from her splashy “Vogue” cover after her historic win. However, given Brandon’s age, severe cognitive decline and massive and impactful policy failures, 50 percent of voters believe it is “likely” Harris will become president before Biden ends his first term, according to McLaughlin & Associates. How this will happen, whether via a voluntary resignation or invocation of the 25th Amendment, remains to be seen.

Even key Democrats are questioning Kamala’s viability for the top office, with several associated with former President Barack Obama wondering if she can pull off a win in 2024 should Brandon not run.  Given her dismal performance in 2020 where she failed to gain real traction across the country and cancelled her campaign before the Iowa Caucus, many within Democrat circles are not enthusiastic. As Debenedetti writes, “Jockeying from other potential competitors, such as frenemy Gavin Newsom, suggests that few would defer to her if Biden retired.”

And if we travel forward in time to November 2024, Kamala will win only five percent of the vote, according to the McLaughlin & Associates poll. She earned fourth place overall, while Sleepy Joe claimed 23 percent of the vote.