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Yikes: The Biden Economy is So Bad that Now Even Woke Comedians are Hitting It

If you’re a Democrat, you know things are bad when the hack media personalities that are supposed to be not only defending you, but actively agitating on your behalf and claiming that all is going very well, start instead mocking you and the state of America under you.

Unfortunately for President Slow Joe Biden, such is exactly what’s happening, now with things getting so bad that even hack, far-left media personalities like Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert are mocking him for how poorly the economy is doing under him as his administration attempts to claim that we’re not in a recession despite the two consecutive quarters of the economy contracting.

Trevor Noah, for example, made a surprisingly funny joke about the state of the economy, saying:

“Oh! It’s a recession! Possibly! But buy everything! We’re all going to die! At some point. America might be in a recession or not. Some signs say no, but some signs say yes. As we found out today the gross domestic product has gone negative for two quarters in a row. And that’s generally a sign that you are in a recession. You be, it’s like when you say I love you to your partner and they respond, “great.” That’s a sign that your relationship is in a recession.”

He’s an inveterate leftist and is generally quite unfair to Republicans, but that was pretty funny.

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Similarly, generally unfunny leftist personality Stephen Colbert turned his sights on the Biden economy, though he stuck more to mocking the lies and misdirections provided by his fellow media hacks, making fun of CNN for attempting to spin the recession story. Making that joke, he said:

“So, we’re in a recession. Or are we? According to the White House, two consecutive quarters of economic contraction does not, in and of itself, constitute a recession. Thankfully, we have cable news to cut through all the spin and give us some straight answers. CNN, we’ve had back-to-back quarters of negative growth. What does that mean historically?” 

He then played a clip of CNN trying to pretend like there’s not actually a recession despite there having been two quarters of economic contraction. Again, surprisingly funny stuff.

So why does it matter? Because, though those hacks certainly aren’t on our side and certainly haven’t lost their pro-leftist biases, their making fun of Biden and his economy shows that the knives are out for him.

Life the articles in MSM outlets questioning whether he’s too senile to be president, like the MSM hacks suddenly questioning his decisions, the sudden mockery of him comes as a surprise but also a signal: perhaps the leftist powers that be have decided to cut their losses and try to force out the senile president and replace him with someone that has at least half a brain.

Or, perhaps they’re just so annoyed by the state of the economy that they can’t help but make fun of it. Either way, it’s great seeing Biden under attack.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List