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You can watch full episodes of ‘American Gladiators’ and you don’t need to wear spandex for it (but you could, if you really wanted to)

Welcome to the official channel of American Gladiators, home of patriotic spandex and giant cotton swabs. Already sounds like fun! American Gladiators have changed how the world feels about combat-prone people. Instead of picturing muscular men in those iron skirts, with huge swords in their hands, nowadays, people think of spandex at the mention of gladiators. Who’s to blame?


The American show where people wear tight spandex outfits while battling against each other for the title of the best American Gladiator (or whatever the title is called). The show has been going on since 1989. That’s over three decades in the entertainment biz, where staying on top of the game is as hard as getting your spandex shorts out of your tushy cheeks. A show so popular that it managed to entertain for so long, becoming iconic – American Gladiators.

Nowadays, amid humanity’s battle for equality, American Gladiators have decided to change the concept a little bit too. Who says that only big men with monster muscles have what it takes to win?!. The show’s YouTube channel shows normal-looking people going up against huge dudes in spandex outfits. No matter the size, the costumes are always the same – tight fabric stretched across man curves, to show every muscle to the audience.

If you want to get into the right mood before you play any of the videos on this YouTube channel, maybe you should consider a similar outfit. Something like putting up that huge foam finger while cheering during the game. The finger makes a world of difference, right?!

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American Gladiators YouTube page counts over 9.4K subscribers. Another proof that the competitors know how to throw a good show.


This story syndicated with licensed permission from Frank who writes about Entertainment News. Follow Frank on Facebook and Twitter