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“You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet”: GOP Congressman Vows Investigation into Hunter Biden

Though some of the higher-profile and softer-spined Republicans might be messing things up in a way that will make the November Red Wave less powerful than it might have otherwise been, it still looks like the GOP will retake the House of Representatives. Perhaps the Senate is out of our grasp thanks to those like Sen. Cornyn of Texas that have demolished voter enthusiasm by going full RINO, but the House can potentially still be won.

Assuming the GOP doesn’t get any dumber and that retaking of the House of Reps still happens, the question then will be whether they’ll actually wield that power, or if they’ll do the usual RINO thing and just let it all go to waste.

Well, if one representative has his way, it won’t go to waste. Rather, the GOP will use its power to go after the president’s influence-peddling, crack-smoking son, Hunter Biden. Between everything on his laptop and the rumors of his not properly paying his taxes, they’ll certainly have lots to investigate and information to start wielding as a bludgeon against the left.

That representative would be Rep. Jerry Carl of Alabama. He spoke out about his party’s plans to take on Hunter Biden and hold him accountable for all his (alleged) illicit activity, saying:

I think the first thing you’re going to see is Hunter Biden investigated. I think that’s fair. I want to be cautious. I don’t want to spend the next two years hunting for ghosts. There are some positive things we’ve got to do in this country to get back on track, and investigating everything is not the answer in my mind. But we’ve got to get some answers on Hunter Biden. There’s no other option. I know Jim Jordan is already licking his chops.”

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Continuing, Rep. Carl went on to comment on what has been said and leaked so far while hinting that there’s much, much more at play that will likely embarrass the Bidens and be usable for those within the GOP like Rep. Jordan that have the spine to start holding Hunter accountable. Speaking on that, he said:

“They have deliberately just let little things leak. You haven’t seen anything yet. You haven’t seen the good stuff yet. There has just been a steady leak. Watch after January, Jim Jordan will take over that committee, and you will see a lot of eyes turn on that.”

We’ll see what happens. Perhaps the GOP actually will hold Hunter accountable and start holding some hearings that expose what he was up to and use it as a political bludgeon against Slow Joe. Or maybe they’ll just let it all slip away, as they tend to do when presented with a golden opportunity to get a few jabs in against the left.

But, at the very least, a few out there are calling for going on the offensive. That’s a bit of good news.

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