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AOC Wants To Take Credit For Biden’s Disastrous Green Energy Agenda- Nobody is Stopping Her

The always scheming Democrats have shown that they never left the game as New York’s Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, recently gave herself some undeserved credit again. The representative’s new scheme to stay relevant is by claiming undeserved glory for the Democratic party’s acceptance of the climate change fraud.

AOC recently announced to the world via an interview with GQ that they have her to thank for this development. She added that watching the president and Schumer address carbon dioxide emissions last year was but a bittersweet moment for her. She mentioned that she was never in support and was always fighting for them to see the light as they were only talking in their context.

She said, “Here were these two very powerful individuals, very powerful men, delivering speeches that were basically in their content and in their substance just complete Green New Deal framing.”

Still excusing herself as she ousted her party, AOC added, “I’m listening and I literally know that if I say and read that same exact speech, it is treated not just by the right but by my own party as radical, impossible, flippant, uninformed.”

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For her self-bestowed moment of glory, the Messiah added,  “But now the president of the United States is saying it. And so it feels very powerful because I wrote a lot of those words. That he wouldn’t be invoking these frames if it wasn’t for the work of movements and what we pushed.”

Supporting the AOC’s claim, the executive director of Climate Power, Lori Lodes, asserted that the funds given towards green energy and other environmental goals were because of the representative’s efforts. 

She claimed, “The only reason this is happening is directly because of AOC and young people rising up and speaking out and demanding.”

The fund given towards this green energy scheme, about $369 billion, will be steered towards specific bodies and organizations, just as expected. The person who will also be handpicking the beneficiaries of this money will be the Democrat, John Podesta, who has been a fierce partisan for years.

This is not the first time the democrats have tried to commit this fraud. During the Obama administration, they tried to do the same thing but were unsuccessful. Billions of taxpayer dollars were wasted by the Democratic president, causing disasters similar to Solyndra.

Heritage Foundation’s Katie Tubb noted, “The problem isn’t the size of the credit or even EVs themselves. The real problem is politicians attempting to force a transition to energy sources they prefer, having no inhibitions about the arrogance of such a central planning scheme, the restrictions it imposes on freedom, or the trade-offs, limitations, and collateral damage those policies cause at Americans’ expense.”

If only the democrats chose to ignore their fraudulent schemes and see the truth for what it is, it would be obvious to them that this drastic switch is not what America can handle now.

The Californian governor who recently tried it has only successfully managed to make a mockery of himself. Who compels citizens to move to electric cars in less than a decade but tells them to manage energy and refrain from charging their electric cars for a while. How does that even work? No careful strategy, no foresight or plans, just move to green energy, and we will deal with the repercussions as it comes. 

Yet, this AOC feels the one thing she could give herself credit for is this disastrous bill that does not help Americans, short or long-term. Great! We hope she will also be ready to take all the heat when this disaster begins to manifest.