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Biden appears to shake hands with no one, wanders around stage (video)

President Joe Biden appeared to shake hands with thin air as he put his hand out and no one was there. Biden then appeared to wander around the stage as if he was lost or not sure where to go next. It was all on video.


Sky News said about Biden: “Recent vision of US President Joe Biden appearing to wander around a stage after delivering his speech is “disturbing,” says GT Communications’ Gemma Tognini.”

Rosy said: “This is funny & sad at the same time. Joe Biden finished his speech and shook hands with nobody & then was searching for that nobody”

TriDent Updates: “After Biden finished his speech, he turned around and tried to shake hands within air and then wandered around looking confused”

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The Telegraph: “Joe Biden was left empty-handed as he appeared to shake hands with thin air after a speech on the United State’s ongoing supply chain woes”

Daniel Hill: “Just saw pitiful footage of Joe Biden after his speech. Turned around and put out his hand, but no one stepped up to shake it. Then wandered to his left a little – then wandered off to his right by himself. Dems appear ashamed of him – as they should be.”