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CLUELESS Newsom Enforces Green Energy Though He Can’t Keep LIGHTS On

Gavin Newsom has proven two things so far. For one, Newsom has shown that he lacks foresight and is completely clueless. Two, he is as stubborn as a mule and will remain that way at the expense of Californians’ comfort.

California used to be a fine state before the actions of its Democratic governor influenced it and led it to the verge of ruin. At the expense of residents’ comfort, Newsom has remained adamant about his green energy push.

Of all the states in America, it is ironic that California, which routinely suffers from heatwave is found at the forefront of this green energy agenda with no substitute plans. Newsom has remained the most inconsistent governor in the history of the United States, only known to be consistent with his green energy agenda.

Just this year, Newsom announced to residents that fuel-powered vehicles would soon be banned in California. Perhaps, the governor is not aware that residents who pay taxes for him to be able to afford those electric vehicles are battling with the worst inflation ever, or he does not care.

After making this ridiculous announcement, Newsom again came to urge residents he had forced to purchase electric vehicles to abstain from charging their cars to prevent a statewide blackout. How does a governor who mandates immediate green energy fail to account for it? Now, people who have gotten the electric cars are supposed to be okay with catching buses whenever they have somewhere to go because Newsom said not to charge cars. 

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Unfortunately for the governor, the recent records of the heatwave in California are no joke. Every citizen has to reduce energy usage whether they like it or not because Gavin is very clueless and does not know what to do. 

Despite reality smacking Newsom in his face, the governor has still refused to slow down on his ridiculous green energy agenda as he went ahead to ban natural gas heaters and furnaces.

According to The Hill, “The decision, which was passed unanimously, aims to phase out sales of the space heater and water heater appliances by 2030. The commitment is part of a broader range of environmental efforts passed by the board this week to meet the federal 70 parts per billion, 8-hour ozone standard over the next 15 years.”

California Air Resources Board (CARB) Chair Liane Randolph added, “While this strategy will clean the air for all Californians, it will also lead to reduced emissions in the many low-income and disadvantaged communities that experience greater levels of persistent air pollution.”

The people of California, at this point, wish to go back in time and vote for any other governor than Newsom, and they certainly will not make that mistake again. 

Living in California now must be intolerable, thanks to the governor. He has assisted in making everything even more expensive and inconvenient because he wants to be the first to adopt green energy. Just like Biden, Newsom possesses all the features a bad leader should have and does the exact opposite of what the people need.