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Congress Makes Law, Not the President: GOP Rep. targets Biden over ‘ghost weapon’ crackdown (video)

Rep. Thomas Massie took aim at the Biden administration over the weekend, claiming that the government was about to take unilateral action that would take away Americans’ gun rights. President Joe Biden is likely to take action against “ghost weapons,” or any handmade firearm without a serial number, this week.

WATCH Joe Biden’s announcement on ‘ghost weapons’ video:

Massie slammed Biden for disrespecting the Constitution and circumventing Congress as he screened a report on the impending crackdown.

“The federal government is not authorized by the Constitution to ban you from producing your own firearm,” the Republican claimed. “This is a reality that has been known for more than 200 years. Also, Congress, not the President, establishes the law according to Article 1, Section 1 (literally the first active sentence in the Constitution), said report.

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The Daily Wire pointed out that serial numbers are already necessary if these manufactured firearms are sold or transferred to another person when Biden promoted the purported severe significance of “ghost guns” in America in April:

Under present legislation, a person can make a handmade weapon for personal use without serial numbers. If the firearm is sold or passed to another individual, a serial number is necessary. This only applies to hobbies, not those who are in the process of creating business, purchasing, and/or selling firearms. The Gun Control Act of 1968 regulates these handmade guns.

Stephen Gutowski, a firearms expert, questioned Biden’s political strategy in light of upcoming gun control legislation.

He wrote, “I don’t understand the White House plan here.” “They’re going to nominate another political figure for ATF director, which means a major gun-control battle will erupt right before the November elections.” They’re also bringing the ‘ghost gun’ law into action as soon as possible.”

“Throughout Biden’s administration, guns have continually ranked low on Americans’ priority lists, and his handling of the problem has been bad,” Gutowski added. “On this subject, Republicans are now more trusted than Democrats.” Despite this, the White House is leaning in.”