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Corruption?: Tucker Raises Uncomfortable Question about How Liz Cheney Got So Rich

One of the more suspicious things about those in the higher levels of government, particularly but not limited to the regime toadies within the legislature, is that they’ve become fabulously wealthy on salaries rarely over $200,000ish a year, somehow able to build massive fortunes in just a few years of “public service.”

Nancy Pelosi is frequently cited as an example of that, what with her husband’s frequent trading in stocks connected with upcoming legislation and her family’s vast real estate empire, but she’s not the only one.

In fact, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, one of the regime toadies on the right, has done far better than the SP 500 with his stock trades. Perhaps he can open “Eyepatch McCain’s hedge fund” after he gets voted out of office.

Another suspiciously wealthy member of Congress is Liz Cheney, as Tucker exposed on last night’s broadcast, calling out that regime shill for exponentially growing her wealth during her few years in office.

Speaking on that, Tucker first commented on the astounding degree to which her wealth has grown during her time in office, saying:

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But before she heads to retirement, we thought we would ask a pretty simple question: How did Liz Cheney get so rich? She’s been a member of Congress for six years.

So when she took office in 2017, her net worth was estimated at $7 million, which is a lot for someone with no skills, but that’s what she had. Now she’s worth more than $44 million, according to Center for Responsive Politics, which looked at her financial disclosure forms.

So that’s interesting. Perhaps she can get a head start on the hedge fund idea now that she’s been voted out of office, as those are absolutely astounding returns. $7 million to $44 million? How does one even do that?

Such is what Tucker went on to ask, saying:

“Now, probably an honest explanation for all of this, we’re not accusing her of robbing liquor stores, but you have to wonder, how did Liz Cheney make more than $36 million in six years of public service?

“That’s $6 million a year. Good gig. She didn’t report any earned income, gifts or transactions on her disclosure form. Her top listed assets were Citibank, $3 million, and money from her husband’s law firm Lathan & Watkins. There’s also a family trust, we assume that accounted for a lot of the case, but we don’t know.

“Whatever the case, it’s not Wyoming’s problem anymore. After tonight, Liz Cheney is going back to where she’s actually from, suburban Virginia. Probably running for president, too, and we look forward to that with great joy. Maybe she can be Kamala Harris’s running mate.

With a fortune like that, she can certainly afford it, particularly if her returns continue to be so outstanding. But one is forced to wonder if they’ll remain so great now that she’s not in office and has little of value left to offer the regime after losing a primary race in such horrific, humiliating fashion.

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