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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Catches Covid Again

The most recent test results for COVID-19 came back positive for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, placing him as one of the highest-ranking figures in the Biden administration to be confirmed with the virus in recent weeks.

According to a statement released by the defense secretary, Austin, who is completely vaccinated and has gotten two booster doses, tested positive for the disease early on Monday morning and is exhibiting minor symptoms. According to a representative for the Biden campaign, the president will remain at home in isolation for the next 5 days in line with the most recent recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but he will continue his regular work schedule.

My doctor told me that the fact that I have received all of my vaccinations, including two booster doses, is the reason why the severity of my symptoms is not as bad as it may be otherwise. In the upcoming days, I will continue to have in-depth conversations with my medical professional,” he said in a statement. “Vaccinations are still being used to impede the spread of COVID-19, which in turn makes its adverse effects on health less severe. Vaccination is still necessary for our employees from a medical standpoint, and I will not stop urging everyone to obtain their booster shots and complete vaccinations.

Austin had a previous positive test for COVID-19 in the month of January.

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The most recent diagnosis places him in the position of becoming the most recent official in the Biden administration to test positive in the past several weeks. Joe Biden, President of the United States, also recently overcame his COVID-19 infection after suffering from a rebound case in late July. Since July 29, when they last spoke, Austin and Biden have not talked with one another face to face. This was before the president came back positive for a second time.

The jokes write themselves; just think back to when they screamed, “Get the vaccination!” After that, the phrase “get your booster shots!” became more common. They shouted whatever rhetoric was appropriate to them at the given moment. Now that these same authorities have repeatedly been found to have positive test results, it’s possible that they may change their tune. Many others feel that it is an indication of weakness and that these Democrats are no longer qualified to hold office because of it (yet another reason for them to step down). In any event, they did not adhere to the scientific method and attempted to coerce people in the United States into receiving numerous doses. Now, let’s watch them try to make this look like something else.