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Foreign reporters mock Nancy Pelosi press conference

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was being openly mocked by foreign reporters calling her out for appearing to be unstable or struggling during a press conference. This took place right after the reporters were talking about vice president Kamala Harris not being ready for the job.

Several reporters mocked Pelosi’s latest press conference, suggesting she was unfit to continue a career in politics.

Pelosi has stated she’s interested in remaining an active participant in politics and has no plan to retire, at least none that the public seems to be aware of. She, at one point, had stated she would run for reelection as well.

This is much to the dismay of her constituents who aren’t quite sure what she does for a living these days as her time in politics seems to be mostly just her making statements that contradict mostly everything a Republican says.

It would be of great benefit for Pelosi and many of the older politicians to retire and make room for more energetic and up-to-date politicians in their 40’s and 50’s. America doesn’t need to be run by people who are 80+.

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People who are that age should be enjoying their days in retirement and not pandering politics or pushing a narrative.