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Get Ready For More Crime as Illinois Ready To Join Democrats’ Disastrous Pro-Crime Experiment

Tragic results have followed New York’s “bail reform.” Some of the state’s deadliest offenders have been able to re-offend and conduct violence because of this “get out of prison no matter what” law. Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) is in significant danger of losing her reelection in two months due to this issue, according to surveys. Hochul blames the problem in her state on firearms but refuses to take any action to address it. 

Chesa Boudin, the previous district attorney of San Francisco, made the decision not to pursue detention of criminal suspects immediately after taking office. He even stopped prosecuting stealing and other property offenses that he deemed unimportant to society’s “quality of life.” As the city’s violent and destructive crime rates skyrocketed, he was quickly voted out of office this summer. 

The Liberals in the Washington state legislature tried to neutralize the state’s police force by making it unlawful to pursue suspects at speeds beyond the posted limit. The thieves in the stolen automobiles realized they could get away from the crime scenes more quickly if they drove a little faster. This year alone, over a thousand persons have managed to elude state troopers, not to mention municipal law enforcement. So far, Democrats have not been penalized for this, but that could change. 

Justice Louis Brandeis may not have meant for the 50 states to be completely isolated from one another when he called them “laboratories of democracy.” However, it appears this way in terms of the crime problem today. Voters are hammering liberals and Democrats at every turn for embracing highly dumb and pro-criminal policies, which have led to an increase in crime. However, Democrats in other states aren’t getting the message. 

Many of the provisions of the SAFE-T Act, which the Democrats in Illinois passed in 2021, will take effect in January. This plan, in its current form, would eliminate cash bail for nearly all offenders, prevent authorities from taking intruders from businesses and homes, and give bail-jumpers a 48-hour leg up before the authorities even begin trying to hunt them down.

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Felonious laws are having major political ramifications for Democrats in other states. Moreover, these policies seem geared to aid criminals whose innocent victims suffer devastating, life-altering, and often fatal effects. 

Believe it or not, Chicago, which has always been a deadly city but in 2022, it is quite possibly going to be the hot spot of homicide, has the potential to become even more dangerous than it already is. It’s possible that we’ll find out how horrible thanks to Democrats in Illinois. 

In the meantime, Aurora, Illinois’ second-largest city, has lost nearly as many people (160,000) since 2010 as Illinois has gained. Democrats still have no idea why that would be.