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“I Welcome Support From African-Americans”: Ron DeSantis Offers PURE GOLD When Asked About Elon Musk’s Choice For 2024

I am running out of ways to say that Ron DeSantis has a preternatural, uncanny ability to troll the heck out of demented leftists. The guy can’t hold a press conference without twisting the knife in Democrats.

As good and as often as he torches these fools, though, I think we just entered Top Five territory with this latest comebacker. Let me set this up: DeSantis is speaking to reporters and enters a Q&A session. He fields a question from the journos referencing an earlier tweet from Elon Musk basically saying he [Musk] felt DeSantis should be the GOP nominee for 2024 and that he was leaning towards voting for him. Enter DeSantis.

Watch below as Florida’s hotshot governor takes over from here:

Absolutely priceless. As Clay Travis tweeted, this is “gold.” My goodness was that delicious. Elon Musk, a South African native and therefore an immigrant from the continent of Africa, might not be the envisioned image of the term, but it’s nonetheless accurate and the perfect way to corner Democrats who thought they couldn’t hate him anymore after he exposed Twitter as a fraudulent organization.

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I admit, it’s not the first time I heard the term, but I have only heard it from commentators, not from duly elected governors and potential presidential prospects. 

It’s moments like these that Ron DeSantis is gaining popular momentum for 2024. He has the same instincts that drove Trump to the White House when it comes to speaking honest truths and pushing back on the media. But what separates him from the former president is his more affable, approachable manner and articulate communication. This is not a dig on Trump, who was the only person –  literally, the only person – who could have defeated Hillary in 2016 and who exposed the absolute corruption of the Deep State for four years. Trump is owed a huge debt of gratitude.

But moving forward, is DeSantis best poised to carry the torch? 

Describing Musk’s current cultural and political influences, I had written earlier today about his tweet that set the internet on fire and already trickled into DeSantis’ presser.

“Musk isn’t beholden to a political party, having voted Democrat his entire life based on the false premise that they were the “party of kindness” but not drunk enough on the woke Kool-Aid to vote blindly one way forever. He continues to insist he values ideas and values, particularly free speech, and now sees Democrats as just mean and corrupt.

In fact, having awoken to the fact that Democrats are tyrants and that wokeness “is a prevalent mind virus, and arguably one of the biggest threats to modern civilization,” he’s made it clear he intends to vote Republican for the first time ever this year.

On that promise, in fact, he’s already made good, casting a recent vote for Mayra Flores in a Texas primary.

After tweeting his vote for Flores and a larger political conversation ensued, one handle followed up and asked him: What are you leaning towards? In reply, Elon Musk might have considerably shaken up the entire GOP landscape for the next two years:”