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MSNBC Wackjob Blames “White Supremacy” for Teacher Trouble, Turns Out Something Else is the Real Issue With Schools

It’s another day that ends in “y” and so the Democrats are blaming “white supremacists” for something completely unrelated in any way to racism, “white supremacy,” or some other similar subject.

This time, that “something” was a teacher shortage, with an MSNBC guest ridiculously claiming that it’s “white supremacy” that’s to blame for the teacher shortage, saying:

“I appreciate the question. I first want to say educators do god’s work. I support everyone who accepts a colleague to do that in our nation’s classrooms. We have to be clear that issues connected to teacher shortages are not new.

They’ve been exacerbated, in particular because of Covid, because of recent challenges connected to white supremacy. I’m talking about the introduction of legislation like the stop woke act, or don’t say gay in Florida.

“So it’s wet our sister – talked about, in terms of the challenges of the conditions which are more untenable. On top of all that, teachers are not being paid but they should be paid. We have a society that don’t value teachers in the way that we regard them. So much of that was shown to be true during the most recent Covid pandemic.”

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Fortunately for Floridians, DeSantis hasn’t bowed to the delusional demands of those claiming that his anti-woke policies are “white supremacist,” instead fighting back against the left by declaring that Florida is the place that wokeism goes to die and standing by his state’s policies in a recent speech.

And, in any case, the more pressing problem this school year, as even CNN noted, is that there’s a school bus driver shortage, making it harder for kids to get to school. CNN’s Romero reported on that in a recent segment, saying:

“We’re at a bus depot, there are plenty of buses behind me but not enough bus drivers. They’re short 200 and that makes up a quarter of the full staffing if they had the right number. So they’re definitely short. Right now there are two recruiting events on the north side of the county and the south side to attract more drivers. This isn’t just an issue here in the Atlanta area but you can see it all across the country. Let’s take a look at the numbers for the nationwide school bus shortage for the drivers.

“In Tempe, Arizona they’re telling parents you can expect about a 15 to 20-minute delay and that’s a domino effect for parents trying to get to work on time and teachers trying to get the jam packed information into each classroom, and kids walking in 20 minutes late, look at the Connecticut schools short about 1,000 bus drivers and anchorage school district in Alaska can pick up one-third of their students at a time. 

There are pressing problems that schools have to face, namely CRT and a bus driver shortage, as DeSantis and CNN recognize, respectively. “White supremacy” isn’t such a problem, much as the far-left might want it to be.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List