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OOF: Georgia Democrats Take a Pounding After Voting to Remove Large EV Subsidy for Manufacturer in the State

The Democrats just passed their “Inflation Reduction Act,” a bill full of good and bad (but mostly bad) new provisions and spending items.

On such new headache in the bill is a requirement for a certain percentage of the parts and batteries for electric vehicles to be produced in North America for the vehicles to qualify for the full amount of the whopping $7,500 subsidy. It would have been a great idea were it America in which the vehicles must be built but, alas, such is not the case.

And so manufacturing can still be offshored, just not overseas, something that’s the worst of both worlds for many Americans and manufacturers because it means they can neither build where costs are lowest nor are they pushed into focusing on just using American labor and building up the community in which their factories operate. So prices are higher but there need not be more Americans employed.

And Georgia Democrats are taking a major hit for that, as the bill that both Sen. Ossoff and Sen. Warnock voted for will remove the $7,500 for Kia, which has been considering building a massive new factory in Georgia in addition to what facilities it already has in the Peach State.

Georgia Republicans are using that against the far-left duo. Rep. Austin Scott, for example, said, when speaking to Just the News:

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Kia currently has vehicles that qualify for the tax credits. After this legislation is signed into law, none of the key vehicles will qualify for it. And so as I understand it, Kia has sent a letter to their dealer saying, ‘You need to get people to go ahead and sign the contract today before the legislation is signed, or they’re not going to be eligible for the tax rebate.”‘

Similarly, Herschel Walker’s campaign, speaking to Just the News on the matter, said

“This is even more proof that Raphael Warnock’s partisan reconciliation bill is going to hurt Georgia’s manufacturers, businesses, workers, and economy. He knew this provision would hurt Georgia, and he did nothing to take it out because at the end of the day he will always do more for Joe Biden than he will for Georgia. This will likely lead to a loss of jobs in communities across the state. The people of Georgia need a Senator who will actually fight for them and their way of life. Herschel Walker will make sure that every Georgian has the opportunity to succeed and fight for all of Georgia.”

We’ll see what happens with the planned Kia plant, one that would add thousands of jobs to the state. Perhaps it will still be built and the Peach State will get the jobs. It has to be built somewhere, after all. But if it does, it’ll be no thanks to the Peach State’s current Senators.

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