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PA Man Taken Into Custody After Making Threats Against FBI; Here’s What He Said

Authorities have taken a Pennsylvania man into custody after he made violent threats against FBI agents over the Internet.

Folks, this is the kind of atmosphere the radical left has created with their constant assaults on former President Donald Trump and the individuals who support him. And don’t think for a moment that it’s not being done on purpose. They know they are pushing people to their limit, but rather than take action to try and calm folks down, they continue to do things they know will enrage them. Not saying the man’s actions were okay or justified because they weren’t.

Why are they doing this?

Because they want folks to react as this man did. They want to take the outliers, the individuals who are maybe a bit more volatile, and try to make it seem like all conservatives and Trump supporters are loose cannons, ready to use violence as a means of changing the political landscape.

You know, sort of like how Antifa and Black Lives Matter do. Funny how they ignore their own side’s radicalism, isn’t it?

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According to TheBlaze, the Justice Department dropped an announcement that they had taken 46-year-old Adam Bies into custody late on Friday in Mercer, Pennsylvania. Bies is currently being charged with influencing, impeding, or retaliating against federal law enforcement officers.

“FBI agents said Bies allegedly made multiple violent threats against law enforcement on the social media website Gab in the days after the FBI raid at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida, according to court documents. In social media posts, Bies allegedly stated: ‘My only goal is to kill more of them before I drop’ and ‘If You Work For The FBI Then You Deserve To Die,’” the report revealed.

No matter what side of the political spectrum you reside on, it’s pretty clear this guy is not okay in the head. He needs serious, serious help. A sane person does not talk like this if indeed the allegations are 100 percent true.

“Every single piece of [expletive] who works for the FBI in any capacity, from the director down to the janitor who cleans their [expletive] toilets deserves to die. You’ve declared war on us and now it’s open season on YOU,” Bies went on to write in an August 10 post.

“HEY FEDS. We the people cannot WAIT to water the trees of liberty with your blood. I’ll be waiting for you to kick down my door,” he then allegedly stated in another post.

If Bies ends up being convicted, he’s looking at a possible maximum of 10 years in prison, according to the Justice Department.

“The arrest comes after Attorney General Merrick Garland said last week that law enforcement officials were monitoring violent threats made against top DOJ officials in the wake of the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security also reportedly circulated a joint intelligence bulletin warning of a spike in threats against federal law enforcement officials, NBC News reported Friday,” TheBlaze reported.

While many on the left are going to use these incidents as proof that Trump supporters are ruthless domestic terrorists and that all of this is the former president’s fault, likely as means of justifying some sort of action to prevent him from running in 2024, this is not the truth.

Yes, people are angry over the abuses of the federal government toward Trump and regular Americans. But what the media won’t really acknowledge is that Trump has been offering to help quell the rage.

the former president even stated during an interview with Fox News on Monday that the “temperature has to be brought down.”

“People are so angry at what is taking place,” Trump went on to say, going on to add that his aides have offered the Department of Justice “whatever we can do to help” their probe into his handling of classified materials.

“There has never been a time like this where law enforcement has been used to break into the house of a former president of the United States, and there is tremendous anger in the country — at a level that has never been seen before, other than during very perilous times,” Trump stated during the interview.

Folks, we need to keep our heads.

Our founding fathers created a system of government that, as of right now, still enables us to peaceably express our grievances with the federal government, while also taking actionable steps to help change things in our country in a legal fashion.

Do not give into the tricks and traps of the radical left.