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Patty Murray Lying To Herself That it Wasn’t a Mistake To Close Down Schools During The Pandemic

Democrat Senator Patty Murray has continuously tried to convince herself that shutting schools down during the pandemic was a good idea. 

The New York Times reported last week that shutting down schools during the pandemic stole two decades of progress in math and reading for American children. Regardless, the Democratic senator still refused to admit that keeping children out of school for so long was a wrong move.

CNN’s Dana Bash said, “New numbers this week show test scores plummeted as children were kept home from school during the pandemic, the largest decline in reading in 30 years and the first decline ever in mathematics. You’re a former schoolteacher yourself. And you now chair one of the most powerful committees in the Senate overseeing health and education.“

Throwing a question to the Senator, Bash asked if she believes that locking schools up during the pandemic was a mistake.

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The senator replied that it was an essential move they needed to take to keep the country and the children safe from the virus.

Dana, this was a decision of local school officials and our scientific experts, trying to get their hands around a pandemic that was killing millions of Americans to protect their children, to protect their staff, to protect their communities.”

When the democrats moved to shut down schools all over the country, the number of reported cases of covid death was a few thousand. However, how did they manage to get the number up to a million even after shutting down every center for education in the country?

So far, 1.04 million have lost their lives to the covid-19 virus. However, a significant majority of that number died under the Biden administration compared to the number that unfortunately lost their lives in the Trump administration.

Moving on, Bash asked the senator to recheck the numbers and data involved. He added, “Given the numbers that you’re seeing and the decline that we just talked about, you still feel comfortable with the way that school districts, even in your home state, handled the pandemic?”

The senator insisted, “I think we were under unprecedented times at that point, where people were struggling to figure out what was the best thing to do to make sure that their kids, their families, their children were safe. Remember, people were dying by the hundreds of thousands. We did not want that to continue. People had to make choices based on the best scientific and personal evidence that they had.”

Even after the pandemic, many democrat-run states have insisted that schools should only accept fully vaccinated students, leaving unvaccinated children without access to education. With the moves taken by the Biden administration, the reason behind educational crises affecting many democrat-run cities is apparent.