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Piers Morgan examines Biden’s low approval numbers, says president is in ‘Big Trouble’

Piers Morgan weighs in on Joe Biden’s poll numbers and suggests the president is in big trouble.

WATCH Piers Morgan rail against Joe Biden on video:

A recent poll suggested that ONLY 41% of young Americans polled approve Joe Biden’s job performance.

Just 41% of young Americans approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, according to a new Harvard Institute of Politics poll of adults ages 18-29 released on Monday. That’s down from 46% in fall 2021 and a 59% majority last spring — a trend also seen in other recent surveys.

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By comparison, according to past Harvard IOP polling, only 25% of young Americans approved of then-President Donald Trump heading into the 2018 midterm cycle. Twelve years ago, however, 56% approved of then-President Barack Obama ahead of the first midterm cycle of his presidency, when Democrats went on to lose the House in 2010.
The downward trend in President Joe Biden’s poll numbers could be a result of inflation and high gas prices still punishing Americans at the pump and in the wallet. It remains unclear how President Joe Biden’s administration plans to fix the issues plaguing Americans monetarily, but there are multiple factors contributing to the destructive gas prices and inflation, as it’s not just one thing or another causing it.