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(WATCH) Pelosi Goes on BIZARRE Damage-Control Rant About Trying to ‘Dig A Hole to China’ as a Child

Talk about digging your own grave!

In what appears to be an attempt at some damage-control after her insensitive and provocative visit to Taiwan last week, Nancy Pelosi has issued a bizarre (even by her standards) statement about how she has “always felt a connection” to Beijing because she was “told at the beach if I dug a hole deep enough, we would reach China”. 

Speaking at a press conference at the US Embassy in Tokyo Friday, the House Speaker was asked by reporters if she believed she could have seriously damaged the US’s diplomatic relationship with China.

In response, Pelosi, who is technically representing the US government during her tour of Asia, responded by saying:

“When I was a little girl, I was told when at the beach, that if I dug a hole deep enough, we would reach China. So, we’ve always felt a connection there.”

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The clip went viral on social media.

While many were bemused by her childish remarks to a very serious question, others felt Pelosi, whose disastrous visit to Taiwan resulted in days of Chinese military drills in the Taiwan strait and the severance of communication between Beijing and the US on a variety of international issues, poses a very concerning risk.

It is not clear as to whether Pelosi had been trying to make light of the situation on Friday or if she felt the hole-digging remark would endear Beijing to her.

Many parents tell their young children that if they dig down far enough, they will reach the other side of the world – which appears to be what Pelosi was alluding to in her comments.

But it appears Pelosi’s geography, like many other aspects about her, is a little off, as you’d need to start digging in Chile or Argentina to actually end up in China. Instead, Pelosi would emerge from her hole in Australia, but we’ll call it semantics.

Back in the real world, China has escalated its military drills around Taiwan over the weekend. On Sunday, Taiwanese warships shadowed Beijing’s vessels in a high seas game of cat-and-mouse.

Around 10 Chinese warships were sailing around the Taiwan Strait, and some crossed the ‘median line’ between the island nation.

Aircraft and drones from Beijing simulated an attack on Taiwan and even deployed targeted missiles into the surrounding ocean.

It is not clear whether the drills have ended this weekend or if China will continue to threaten the island with its super-power military.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Beijing had acted in a manner that was “legitimate, reasonable [and] in accordance with the law”.

He said that it was important to protect China’s “sacred sovereignty” and that “It must be borne in mind that Taiwan is not a part of the United States – it is China’s territory”.

Commentators on Chinese state-run news channel, Xinhua criticized Pelosi for staging a “political stunt” out of self-interest and to feed her ego:

“Insisting on going to the island, she apparently does not care about harming China-U.S. ties, or putting peace across the Taiwan Strait on the line,” said the commentator.