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What a Joke! Hillary Clinton Just Likened Nancy Pelosi To Queen Elizabeth

On Monday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drew parallels between the current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Queen Elizabeth II. 

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Clinton remarked, stating that Pelosi continuously fights through “turmoil and struggle” for her ideals. 

The death of Queen Elizabeth II, which occurred the previous week at a royal house in Scotland, prompted tens of millions of people all over the world to pay their respects to the monarch. 

On Sunday, Clinton shared her opinion with anchor Dana Bash that she firmly believes Nancy Pelosi to be the most courageous woman now active in politics.

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Clinton went on to say that “Pelosi has demonstrated, across all kinds of upheaval and struggle, what it means to — similar to the queen, to draw an analogy linking the two — get up each day, put on those high heels she wears, and suit up to fight for the ideals and values that she believes strongly in.” The comparison in itself is a spit on the grave of the wonderful and competent royal figure. 

She went on to detail the several occasions she had spoken with the queen, whom she had met both in her capacity as the first lady during President Clinton’s term and in her capacity as secretary of state under President Obama. 

She mentioned that one of her favorite memories was when she and her husband Bill Clinton resided with the late Queen Elizabeth the II and Prince Philip on Britannia, formerly the royal yacht, adding that they were in close quarters while they commemorated the 50th anniversary of D-Day. 

She continued by saying that the queen’s mother was at the event. Adding that despite the gravity of the event, it felt very much like one was with one’s own family when they were all laughing and having an excellent time together. 

The formal acceptance of an invitation to attend the funeral of the queen on September 19 was made by President Biden. The queen had been in power for seven decades, during which she had defined the position of the monarch for countless generations of English citizens and her constituency across the world. Her son, King Charles, has succeeded her as monarch of the United Kingdom. 

Previously, Hillary made headlines when she stated that she had no wish to run for office again but that she would do everything in her power to prevent Donald Trump from entering the Oval Office again. 

When Norah O’Donnell from “CBS Evening News” asked Hillary Clinton if her name would be on the ballot in 2024, her response was “No, no.” 

However, she did announce that she intended to maintain her involvement in political affairs.

Recently, Hillary pointed the finger of blame at the “Comey letter” for her defeat in the 2016 presidential race. This letter opened the door for an investigation into her dealings with official papers.