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Biden is just a front man: Gabbard suggests, without evidence, that Obama may have created ‘Ministry of Truth’ disinformation governance board

Tulsi Gabbard posted a video of former President Barack Obama’s recent speech and called out President Joe Biden in a single tweet that said: “Biden is just a front man. Obama, April 21: social media censors “don’t go far enough,” so the government needs to step in to do the job. Six days later, Homeland Security rolls out the ‘Ministry of Truth’ (aka Disinformation Governance Board).

“Gabbard’s tweet was in reference to Obama’s speech at Stanford University last week, where he declared that tech companies have an obligation to more strictly police disinformation and called for the government to facilitate that.” (Yahoo)

Gabbard is suggesting that Barack Obama might be lending a hand to things, but there’s no concrete evidence in either direction of this suggestion, and it simply Gabbard’s opinion and observation of the situation.

Tulsi Gabbard is simply suggesting that Barack Obama devised the disinformation board, aka Ministry of Truth, something that Joe Biden’s DHS is wasting time on when they could be paying attention to the border as 1.6 million illegal immigrants have allegedly already made their way into the United States while Joe Biden was president.

Joe Biden’s disinformation board is being mocked all over social media with people pointing out that the same people who think biological males should participate in women’s sports, or that “men” can get pregnant, are also the same type of people who wish to control misinformation.

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There’s a gray area up for debate, but one thing remains clear – the misinformation board can’t be mocked enough and could be the Biden administration’s biggest waste of time.

Rep. Jim Jordan has already mocked the disinformation board, saying that the United States government is the biggest purveyor of misinformation out there.