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Hillary Clinton Makes Shocking Revelation About Why She Remained Married To Bill Despite His Infidelity

Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, made her debut on television with her daughter Chelsea Clinton on a program called Gutsy, which showcases dialogues with “courageous” women. In the video, Hillary Clinton talked about her husband, the former president, and his affair with another woman. 

Amid being questioned about why she stayed with Bill after the incident involving his romance with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Clinton said in the tape that her choice was “not right for everybody.” The choice of words makes it sound like there was another reason to say in a relationship with a serial cheater, like you know, a chance at the presidency!

You have a marriage that has been on public display since the beginning. You said the gutsiest thing you ever did was stay in your marriage,” the Rev. Whittney Ijanaten said in the trailer.

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Clinton recalled feeling “devastated” and judged by other women after her husband’s public affair and said; “That doesn’t mean that’s right for everybody.

The Clintons have already discussed the challenges that their marriage has presented them with. Bill came clean and apologized for his behavior after admitting that he had an affair with Lewinsky. After getting married to the woman, who is now 74 years old, in 1975, the former president has been involved in a number of different scandals that involve women.

Dolly Kyle Browning, a lawyer; Sally Perdue, a former model; and Elizabeth Gracen, an actress; all claim they had affairs with Clinton while he was governor of Arkansas. In a similar vein, Paula Jones, who was born and raised in Arkansas, has filed a case against him for sexual harassment. She claims that he harassed her while he was serving in office. Despite the fact that Bill Clinton publicly refuted the claims, the lawsuit was nevertheless settled.

Clinton is trying to make people feel sorry for her, but not everyone buys it. Fox News commentator Tammy Bruce has criticized what she dubbed Clinton’s “insulting” claim, calling it unfounded. “Gutsy about not divorcing your husband because she made a basis, a decision on what it was she wanted in the future, believing perhaps she needed him to become the first woman president,” Bruce quipped.

She then shifted focus to the baby formula scarcity that has plagued the United States for the past few months.

What’s really gutsy is when you have two children, and you don’t know where you’re going to get baby formula. What’s really gutsy is when you have to decide if there’s going to be protein on your children’s plate or if you are going to put $10 worth of gas in your car because you can’t really afford both. Gutsy is making sure you take care of your children, knowing that gas prices that heating oil prices are going to be going up even more for the winter. That’s gutsy. To that point, being a privileged woman talking about whether she stayed in her marriage, that’s insulting to everyone,” Bruce stated.