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THEY’RE BACK! This Twitter Account Finally Restored After Absurd 8-Month Ban

Christian satire site The Babylon Bee is finally back on Twitter today after an 8-month long ban from the social media platform for cracking a hilarious transgender joke, thanks to the new policies put in place by the company’s new owner, billionaire Elon Musk.

“We’re back. Let that sink in,” the Bee said in a tweet on Friday afternoon, the first post from the account since March.

According to Just the News, the Bee got slapped by a ban in March after it tweeted out a joke headline that claimed U.S. Secretary of Health Rachel Levine was the outlet’s “Man of the Year.” Now, I don’t care who you are, that right there is funny. All this really did was prove that the radical left has absolutely no sense of humor.

“Bee CEO Seth Dillon refused to delete the tweet; Twitter subsequently turned down an appeal from the outlet. The suspension appears to have played a part in global magnate Elon Musk’s much-publicized decision to purchase Twitter. Dillon told the Washington Times in early April of this year that Musk had reached out to the Bee shortly after the suspension,” the report said.

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During that particular call, Dillon said, Musk mused that “he might need to buy Twitter.”

And, well, that’s exactly what he did.

All jokes aside, it’s fantastic that Twitter has been purchased by Musk, because he’s a person who understands how critical freedom of speech is to the survival of our republic. The town square of our day is Twitter and other similar social media outlets. It’s where people go to get and share news, comment on stories and issues of the day, and to swap ideas.

Without all sides of the political spectrum having access to the town square, our society will stagnate. There will be no forward progress. Which is ironic because that’s what progressives claim to want. It’s in the name after all. But if that were truly the case, they would not fear their ideas being challenged.

It’s because they know their ideas cannot stand up under scrutiny that the radical left seeks to censor all who are not in line with their agenda. That’s the very reason why the Babylon Bee was banned in the first place. This make believe headline poked fun at the absurdity of a man claiming to be a woman, pointing out how ridiculous that very idea is  to the vast majority of us. It destroyed the premise of the progressive belief that you can abandon solid science and just decide to be whatever gender you want to be, even if that gender does not exist.

Liberals did not want The Bee to have the ability to challenge their religious beliefs. And that’s exactly what they are. Religious beliefs. They want everyone to see the world as they see it without any concern for reality or truth. And for a long time, the censorship worked. So many people have been brainwashed by this insanity. Young people have had this idea shoved down their throats so much that they now feel pressured to claim to be some sort of made up gender just so they can fit in with the “woke” crowd.

This move by Musk to reinstate accounts that were banned for no good reason is the first step in the right direction of restoring Twitter to being a platform where everyone can feel comfortable sharing their beliefs.